Finding Real Hope in the Waiting Room

ELIZABETH TURNAGE|CONTRIBUTOR Have you ever sat in a waiting room, your heart beating hard, walking through the many “What-if’s” of that space: What if it’s cancer? What if my loved one can never drive again, play tennis again, kiss me again? What if…my loved one loses her job? What if…my loved one has six months to live? Whether you are the caregiver or the patient, the “what-if’s” of the waiting room can feel terrifying, and the wait can feel agonizing. When our twenty-two-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor while my eighty-one-year-old father was dying of cancer, I sat in many varied waiting rooms. During seemingly endless spells in such uncomfortable spaces, I began to wonder—what if—this space could make space for another, better kind of waiting?

Finding Real Hope in the Waiting Room2022-05-08T00:04:13+00:00
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