E: 47 Unhitching from the Crazy Train with Julie Sparkman

Unhitching from the Crazy Train with Julie Sparkman

Julie Sparkman joins Karen Hodge to talk about her book Unhitching from the Crazy Train. Julie shares her experience as a pastoral counselor to unpack biblical truths we need to find rest in a world we can’t control. Would you like to replace your unrealistic expectations and tendency to control others with God’s purpose and peace?

Discussion Questions:

  • How does Julie define the crazy train?
  • What is the difference between a heart desire and a fleshly appetite?
  • Read Matthew 11:28-30. How does Julie define “yoke”?
  • What are some of the ways you do life that you might need to lay down before Christ?
  • How do you come up under the yoke of Christ?
  • How does your idea of who God is shape every area of your life?
  • How does your view of how big God is affect your understanding of what is possible
  • How does Christ in you affect give you hope in whatever circumstances you face?

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About the Speaker:

Julie Sparkman

Julie Sparkman co-founded Restore Counseling Ministries with Jennifer Ervin in 2012. She is a frequent speaker and author of two video teaching series, “Idol Addiction: Finding Freedom in the Gospel You Thought You Knew” and “Unhitching From the Crazy Train: Finding Rest In a World You Can’t Control”.  Julie received her B.S. degree from University of Florida and her Masters degree in Counseling and Psychology from Troy University.

Julie has been in private practice as a pastoral counselor since 1999. She works with adult individuals and couples facing a variety of issues such as codependence, infidelity, disillusionment with God, depression, spiritual, emotional, physical and verbal abuse, and parenting through the various seasons of life. It is her desire that the teaching and counseling of Restore Ministries would be used to help men, women and children come to understand the radical and restorative impact of the gospel in their everyday lives and relationships.

Julie and her husband Wes have been married over 30 years and have three children and one grandchild.

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