E: 18 Building an Arsenal of Truth

Building an Arsenal of Truth:

What do a colander, a gavel, a bell and a crown have to do with fighting evil? Today, Tami Resch joins Karen Hodge to remind us that we have a real enemy, but we have weapons that we can use to fight. Find out how Tami has developed her own personal arsenal to remind her of the truth!

Discussion Questions:

  • Why would you need an arsenal of truth?
  • What kinds of weapons does Tami say are good to put in your arsenal?
  • What does Paul say in Eph. 6 and in 2 Cor. 10 about the battle we face each day?
  • How did Tami use the phrase, “The weight isn’t on you,” in her personal arsenal?
  • How might you make a weapon of truth out of  those times when God has reminded you of His love?

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About the Speaker:

Tami Resch

Tami Resch and her husband, Steve, have co-labored in three church plants since 1991, currently serving Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church in Columbus, OH. As Associate Director and co-founder of Parakaleo, Tami helps church planting spouses take the hope of the gospel to their own hearts and to the hearts of others. She is the co-author of Beyond Duct Tape: Holding the Heart Together in a Life of Ministry. The daughter and sister of professional football coaches, Tami has become one herself, coaching women through life and ministry. She created the Alongside Coach Training, providing women with tools and skills for bringing gospel dynamics into one-on-one conversations. Tami is a member of Steeler Nation. Additional fanaticisms include organizing closets, drawers, and homes. She is an R.N. (retired nurse), a retired home school mom, and the sometimes tired but never retired mother of three and grandma, “Jami,” to Sawyer. tami@parakaleo.us / www.parakaleo.us

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